You Were Born To Lucid Dream And You’ll Get That Ability Back

I don’t think we’ll ever know why we dream at night. We seem pretty clueless about it right now, but will there come a time when we come up with a definitive answer?

Probably not, but I suppose that’s what makes it so fun. We can all take a stab in the dark and nobody can turn around and prove us wrong. They can try and I’ll give you the chance to do it today.

I think most people will agree that sleep recharges our batteries. If you don’t agree with that I dare you to stay awake for a few days in a row. It’s not pretty and I don’t recommend it. But surely dreams are about more than that?

There have already been a number of great theories on dreams, but I want to give you mine. It might not be as elegant as Sigmund Freud’s explanation, but you’d get bored if I just repeated what he had to say.

We live in two worlds

Everyone always talks about dreams as they relate to the physical world. Dreams represent X part of our waking lives, or Y part of our everyday life manifests in our dreams. A dream is always the little cousin of the physical world, but what if they are twins?

They say children are much more likely to experience lucid dreams. It happened to me as a child and I’m sure it happened to you too, even if you can’t remember. Maybe we teach ourselves to become unaware while we are dreaming when in fact we’re meant to lucid dream?

Maybe being lucid while asleep is the point.

You dream more than you think

You’ve probably heard dreams are more prevalent in the REM stage of sleep and if you look at a graph charting the sleep cycles you’ll probably notice you don’t enter REM sleep very often. I’m glad people acknowledge we can dream outside of REM sleep, but it doesn’t stop there.

At the weekend you should lie in your bed for as long as possible after your normal 8 hours of sleep. Now sleep for another 2 hours and tell me you didn’t have a very long dream. Sleep for yet another 2 hours and tell me the same thing. We dream much more than we give ourselves credit for.

Switching between worlds

I think we were born to enjoy our dreams, but I don’t know why. I also don’t know what connection they have to the physical world, if any. All I know (or feel) is that we should give them equal credit and I’m going to tell you why.

Maybe we don’t need to wait until we would normally dream to become lucid. What if you could take your mind to those same levels through deep meditation? You could literally flick an invisible switch and your awareness would switch over to the dream world – whenever you wanted it to.

It will get easy

I’ve managed to do a lot of things in my lifetime that I thought would be impossible. I remember it taking me years before I dropped into something massive and vertical on my roller blades. It took me years until I could jump over a massive gap on a BMX. It also took me years until I was able to curl a football into the top corner of goals that were far away.

Every single one of those things was hard, but only until I managed to do them the first time. After that they got slightly easier each time and dare I say it, after enough times they became really easy. I think this is definitely what is going to happen when you want to switch your awareness into the dream world in the future.

Molding my mind

I’m going to turn my mind into a muscle I have complete control over. Okay, maybe not complete control, but I do want to learn how to use it to the best of my ability. At the moment I’m going to continue bending and twisting it through meditation and lucid dreaming plus I’m going to build up my awareness as much as possible.

It’s the main reason why I won’t use lucid dream masks. It’s why I’ll happily use lucid dream supplements, but I certainly won’t depend on them. It’s why I’ll use reality checks, but my main aim is to boost my daily awareness and not to trick my mind inside the dream world.

Remember these are only my views and I’m certainly not saying they are true, but it’s definitely what I see happening in the future and when that time comes I want my mind to be prepared. I want to be able to flick over and end up in a lucid dream at the drop of a hat.

Don’t waste your opportunity

I wasted years of my life lifting heavy weights and I actually got pretty good at it. Not that it counted for anything because I don’t need to lift 100kg over my head on a daily basis. I don’t even need to lift that kind of weight at all. I soon learned we only need to have ‘enough’ strength.

The mind is different and it leaves me completely dumbfounded that millions of people aim to strengthen their muscles as much as possible, yet they completely ignore their mind. They don’t train their mind a little – they completely IGNORE it.

I wish I started training my mind years ago. If I could go back in time I’d start from the moment I stepped out of the time machine. But I can’t, and I don’t want you to feel the same way, so I urge you to start training your mind. For lucid dreaming, but also for so much more.

What that is I can’t tell you yet, but you’ll be prepared when it eventually does happen. You can start by bending and twisting your mind inside the trance state whenever you meditate. Don’t think of it as a lucid dreaming technique. Imagine you’re reshaping your mind.

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