If You Die Inside A Lucid Dream Will You Wake Up?

Dying while inside a dream is something a lot of people worry about.

It can even stop them from wanting to become lucid in the first place. Just because some silly (but highly entertaining) Hollywood films try to scare you it doesn’t mean it’s true, or does it?

I’m just going to tell you now: You won’t die in real life if you die inside a lucid dream.

You just won’t. You might wake up in your bed, or you might wake up inside another dream.

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I’ve died inside a dream before

I’ve actually died inside quite a lot of dreams and I’m still here, sort of.

Dying isn’t actually too bad. You’re going to die inside your dreams anyway, so it’s better to know it was just a dream rather than feel like crap all day without being able to explain it.

You won’t be scared when you die

As soon as you realize you’re going to die you suddenly become calm. There is definitely no fear. It’s more like acceptance. You just accept you’re going to die and your mind is at peace the whole time.

I’m positive this is what will happen when I die for real. We probably worry ourselves stupid thinking about death, but when it happens I think it will be painless.

Dream deaths I’ve experienced

I’ll give you an example of a few ways I’ve died over the last few years. None of them are really special, but you’ll see dying isn’t the end.

run over and drowned

Getting hit by a car

This has actually happened to me a few times, so there must be something up at a deeper level. I’ve had a few close calls with car accidents, so maybe that’s why I dream about being killed by a car.

One time I lost my mind and waked out from behind a van onto the middle of the road and a car was inches away from smashing into me. Another time I was in a car that flipped multiple times and I had only put my seat belt on a few minutes before it happened. (those actually happened in real life)

I was semi-lucid in each death dream before I got hit. I knew it was a dream, but I wasn’t 100% there if you know what I mean. I was in the middle of the road, but I couldn’t get to the other side because my legs wouldn’t take me there fast enough. As the car approached me I slipped back into the dream.

I remember trying to cover my head with my arms because it would somehow save my life. While I was flying through the air I already felt very calm and at ease with what was happening then I suddenly remembered it was just a dream and I wasn’t going to die.

Drowning in water

Not much to say about this one. I wasn’t lucid, so it was just a very vivid dream. I was underneath the water and trying to find a way out.

I couldn’t find the surface and gave up when I knew it was too late. Suddenly I realized it was a dream and I wouldn’t die. Dreams like these are exciting because it’s nice knowing your life isn’t over and you’ll get to eat chocolate again.

shot and falling

Being shot in the stomach

I wasn’t lucid when I got shot. I didn’t have any shoes on and started to run after a car. I didn’t catch it, but someone pulled up on a motorbike and shot me in the stomach. It felt like an electronic pulse you’d feel if you wore one of those abs belts.

I did shoot him back. Nobody shoots me and gets away with it. It’s funny how you can magically pull something out of your pocket in a dream if you want it to be there. Afterwards I just lay down on a bench waiting to die before realizing it was a dream.

Falling from a great height

Everyone has probably experienced this before and some of you will remember it vividly. It’s happened to me all my life, so a lot more than a few years. Did you feel scared when you were falling to the ground?

You can’t die when you’re lucid

You’re probably wondering why I wasn’t fully lucid in any of my examples. I don’t think it’s possible to die when you’re lucid. How can you think you’re going to die if you know you are dreaming?

I have lost lucidity because my mind ran away with me, but I got it back again once my mind was completely calm.

Accepting death = pure awareness

Try to imagine the last time you thought you were going to die while inside a dream. As soon as you realized you were going to die did you just accept it? This might be the reason why you couldn’t feel pain and you weren’t scared.

It’s weird because as soon as you accept death you become fully aware then it’s easy to realize you’re dreaming. It’s like the shock of death switches on your conscious mind.

Becoming lucid before death

There is obviously a time-delay between accepting you’re going to die and actually dying.

You might think you’re going to die when you fall off a building, but you won’t die until you splat onto the ground below you. I reckon that’s about 5 seconds of waiting.

I think you become lucid some time during this waiting period. I only say this because every time I’ve ever died in a dream, I’ve always knew it was a dream right before I woke up.

I’ve never actually been afraid to hit the ground, but I did crap myself (figuratively) within the first few seconds of slipping off something.

I could be wrong, or I could be right. It doesn’t really make any difference because I just want you to realize there is nothing to be scared of when you die inside a dream. You will always wake up.

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing your dreams with us. I think no one can die while lucid dreaming. Just because its just a dream , nobody has to take it seriously.
    Keep sharing.

    • Ambrose says

      I’ve recently came to help my cousin who’s bf hanged himself. On one of the nights i stayed with her i was sleeping and had a dream i was camping with a female and in the dream i heard something approach us and got the feeling of evil, or maybe awareness and then i hear her scream as i try to get up from my tent. I’m attacked i can’t see what it is and I’m being ripped apart I’m calling to the girl but i don’t know her name and then i start calling for help, but not in the dream, I’m calling in real life my cousin wakes me. She then tells me i was calling girl girl. Now its been 4 months since this happened . I can’t forget the dream and I’ve never had a dream like it before or after in my 38 years of life. Any opinions on it

  2. molly says

    Thank you for writing this article!! I have died many times in my dreams, sometimes semi-lucid but mostly just normal dreaming.
    Every time I die in my dreams (sometimes from suffocating, being hit by a car once, falling, being literally shot in the head with a gun), like you said, the second i realize that i’m going to die I get a wave of calmness and acceptance. This gives me great comfort because I don’t have to worry about when that time comes.
    I just wish I could figure out why I have these dreams. I have depression and have thought about suicide in the past so that’s probably why…I just find the dreams really fascinating.
    Anyway, thank you.

    • says

      Hey Molly,

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad your not disturbed by those dreams. It’s great you feel a little more comfort knowing you’ll find peace when the time comes. I hope you can overcome your depression soon. I’ve had it in the past and you WILL get better. I think we all might dream about death sometimes since we all know we’re going to die.

  3. Ian Young says

    My question for those that said they have died in the dream is: But does your environment change or do you wake up just before the moment of death? Some have said they suddenly become aware they are dreaming just before death and quietly accept what’s coming but do you actually experience dream death or do you awaken or begin having another dream?

    Another thing that I wonder about dream death is what if some one has the ability to invade your dream and they kill you in your dream will you die in the real world? This is hypothetical of course, unless someone has empirical evidence. :-)


  4. reese says

    Ok, id love to have these dreams to experience death to not fear it. I want to be at peace when I go because death shouldn’t be fearful it should be excepted and calm when you go because everyone must at one point. Any tip on how I can become a lucid dreamer to experience the calmness’s and excepting of death.

  5. Jordan says

    Can you die in real life from a lucid dream? I wanted to try it, but I’m worried that I will die in real life… 0_O

  6. Audrey says

    I am curious about a few things:
    Have you ever completely died during a dream?
    I have had several near death lucid dreams and one real life experience. All have been calm, even though I don’t feel total acceptance. Last night I had a dream I was drowning and was in a pseudo lucid state. I realized I didn’t have the strength to break through the waters surface. Then, someone else appeared in my dream to tell me something, ask a question(one that’s been on my mind), then told me if I wanted the answer I needed to wake up and breathe. Has anyone had a near death dream during which someone else appeared in it to tell you it’s a dream and/or to tell you to wake up?

  7. Steve says

    I have commited suicide in a lucid dream, bizarrely I felt I had no option other than to do so at the time. I also experienced a sense of quiet calm after the decision had been made. I did not wake until after the act was completed, but when I did I felt an incredible sense of awe and energy which I still remember the feeling of years later.

  8. Jesse says

    I’ve experienced several vivid dreams where I die. Once I was shot in the head at point blank range. I woke up and sat straight up in bed, but it was the first one. I’ve had several others and I agree that there is a complete sense of calm. Once I drove over a cliff (completely out of my control) and just said to myself “Well crap.”, very calmly. I’ve only had a few lucid dreams and I’m still working on maintaining control. I highly suggested it to anyone. Nothing more amazing than flying anywhere you want like Superman, or landing on the moon. You mind feels in any missing detail and it’s absolutely amazing.

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