How To Become A Lucid Dream Adrenaline Junkie

So you can’t die in lucid dreams.

Do you have any idea what this means? Do you know the kind of the situations you can put yourself into knowing you’re immortal while lucid?

You could skydive without a parachute. Or what about swimming the Great Barrier Reef without an oxygen tank.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Inside a lucid dream you don’t need to stick to things you could normally do with a parachute or scuba gear. You can take it to the extreme and you won’t get squashed like a bug.

I love taking things to the extreme

What about you? Do you love the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins as you’re about to perform a death defying stunt? I hate heights and love to do stuff that challenges my vertigo. In real life, snowboarding from the top of a large hill is enough to put the fright into me.

I decided I would use to my lucid dreams to challenge myself. To test the boundaries and see how far I can go.

What the hell is that crappy drawing?

Guess what my picture’s meant to represent? If you can’t, I’ll give you a quick explanation: it’s a giant vertical structure that sits in the sea, which has a huge mechanical arm that spins around in a loop. I’m sure it must be well over 500ft.

The aim of the game is to hold onto a piece of rope that’s attached to one side of the mechanical arm. It then lifts you in an enormous 360° loop and you keep holding on while you go around in circles.

After 5 days of training to become lucid

I remember it well. I was hurtling towards the sky at blistering speed. The objects on the beach were quickly beginning to look like ants. My body felt weightless and my stomach began turning. I realized I was dreaming.

Almost instantly I remembered I was afraid of heights. I clung on for my life and told myself when I landed I would look forward to enjoying the dream.

Sadly, it became too much. As I reached the highest point and began falling towards the ground I closed my eyes safe in the knowledge I couldn’t die.

When I opened my eyes I was lying in bed.

I wanted more and more

Luckily it didn’t put me off risking my dream body. I still want to perform death defying stunts. I love taking things to the extreme. I hope you might share this need for an adrenaline rush as it’s something I want to explore more of.

I have some absolutely massive ideas about what I want to do. I know you’ll have some great ones too. What we can achieve is limitless. The only thing that stops us trying new things is our imagination. You’ll soon see what things I have up my sleeve.

I’ve taken it slowly so far

As I spend more time in the dream world my stunts will be a lot more exciting, but here are a few things I’ve already explored that you may want to try.

Massive indoor ski jump

Picture a massive indoor slope which is carpeted. At the bottom of the slope is a take-off ramp aimed at a landing zone covered in soft foam cubes.

What you can’t see in the picture was the crowd that were watching me land my back-flip and cheering me on. I love extreme sports but I’ve never been one to actually throw my body about. I don’t care for broken bones.

When I was standing at the top of the jump I knew I wanted to do one thing. Kick my legs up as hard as I could and hope I made it all the way around. Luckily I didn’t land on my head.

Throwing myself off walls and down steps

Maybe these don’t seem massively exciting, but there are to me. Walking towards a set of stairs and doing big twist flips down them and crazy stuff like that. I’m sure people could do this in the real world, but not from the heights I can in my dreams.

Some flying stuff

Most other things have been to do with flying. Like most lucid dreamers when they’re just starting out, there’s something about flying that can’t be beaten.

I’ve thrown myself out of helicopters, flew towards the ground at fast speeds, and flown around a big city passing through solid walls. You know, just the usual stuff.

Don’t run before you can walk

I know it probably seems like a good idea to try the scariest thing you can imagine. Don’t let me stop you. I just want you to know you could run into problems.

When you get too excited you might wake yourself up. That’s fine if you have the skills necessary to re-enter the dream, but if you’re just starting out and you don’t have those skills — don’t waste your lucidity.

Start small and work your way up. Scary stunts are always going to be there and they’ll be even better when you’re a more accomplished lucid dreamer. There’s lots of stuff out there I want to try but don’t feel ready.

I’m warming up my Microsoft Paint as I get ready to bring you more terrible pictures. Ha-ha. Stay tuned for more extreme adrenaline junkie posts in the future.

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  1. says

    Gladly, we don’t need to be too extreme to be a lucid dreamer. Well, I have personally wanted to experience to dream lucidly since I was a child and I believe I had but it is all lost in the past now, though there are bits of the dream that I remember. It was the night that my grandfather died. I slept that night and then when I opened my eyes I was above the fence and I was hovering well above the houses’s height. Then I saw my grandpa walking and stumbling on things the reason being that he is dreadfully drunk. He was going to our tank to turn off the water, then as he was walking he suddenly slipped and hit his head on the flower boxes. Then I suddenly awoke and rushed outside where my whole family is trying to board him on the car and rush him to the hospital. After that I never dreamed again, at least lucidly, in my life.

    • says


      I still have it sometimes, but not so much. If I’m trying to walk through a stone chipped wall and I don’t feel to sure about walking straight through I will put my head against it slowly and push real hard. Sometimes I can feel the chips penetrate my forehead until I push my way through. It’s all frame of mind.

  2. Rachel says

    I feel extreme pain and death in my dreams, and It feels all so real, it’s why I can’t do these extreme stunts in my dreams..please help me.

    • says


      It’s all in the mind. If you don’t expect something to hurt it usually won’t. Start practicing meditation as it will let you keep a calm mind. If you learn to keep your mind calm and no you can’t be hurt you will be ok.

      Start slowly and build yourself up until you become confident.

      If you have anything else you’d like to ask me, just leave a comment or feel free to email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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