Speaking To The Dead In Your Lucid Dreams

Before you read on, know that anyone you talk to has been created by your subconscious mind.

Yes. It feels real. Just like all lucid dreams. But you aren’t actually speaking to a real ghost. You’re more than welcome to believe you are receiving actual visitations from the dead, but I think it’s best to stay away from things that can’t be proven when we’re talking about such a delicate subject.

Have you ever lost someone from your life? Someone you cared about and miss every day?

I bet you thought you’d never see them again. They will never be lost to you and will always be remembered, but it’s not the same, is it?

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Lucid dreaming makes it possible

Your subconscious mind has ingrained on it everything you ever shared with your loved one. It remembers everything.

  • What they sounded like
  • The way they acted
  • Their exact actions


And through lucid dreaming you can now speak to them. You can laugh with them, dance with them, ask them questions, and anything else you can imagine.

It’s nothing new

No doubt you already dream about them. Probably quite a lot, only you can’t remember your dreams so you are none the wiser.

But this isn’t just dreaming about them. You are actually there with them and aware what’s going on. It feels like they never died. And now you can see them as much as you want. You can spend time with them until you wake up, then the same again the next night. Every time you have a lucid dream.

What do you want out of it?

It doesn’t really matter why you want to see them again. I’m sure people have all different types of reasons. Maybe you never got to say goodbye? This is your chance to make peace with them in your own special way?

If they were taken away from you too soon, you can have them back. You never have to let them go. From a husband losing his wife, to a mother that’s lost her child. They will be there waiting for you every night when you go to sleep.

I lost my grandfather, Alexander, about 15 years ago. I don’t need to purposely seek him out in my dreams because sometimes he’s just there. We share a laugh. I don’t try to ask him any questions about where he is or what heaven looks like. I know it’s not really him, but I don’t care. It feels real and it’s good to hear his voice again.

Do you think it’s a bad idea?

I’m sure some people will be against the idea of using lucid dreams to speak to people who have passed. “The past should remain in the past.” “It’s fantasy and completely fake.” “It’s not healthy.”

Some people just won’t get it. I don’t see the big deal. I’d ask those people what they’re really afraid of. Do they think it will just pro-long the suffering? You have to wonder what’s really so bad when it already happens in dreams.

What difference does it make whether it’s just a normal dream, or you’re lucid and aware of what’s happening? That you have control over what happens? I’d ask those people to have a long hard think about why they don’t want to try it and hopefully they might change their mind.

I believe it will change your life

I know I say this a lot to anyone that will listen. I do believe lucid dreaming will change peoples life’s and I have no idea why it isn’t the most popular hobby in the world. Why it’s not taught to us as children, by our parents or our teachers.

But I feel even more strongly about the ability to interact with dead relatives or anyone that was close to us. I’ve really only lost one person that I was close to. Someone I spent a lot of time around as I was growing up. I know it will mean a lot more to millions of people.

I can’t imagine how hard it must feel for someone to lose a partner, a parent, or a child. I do know the opportunity to see them again can and will improve their life. And it never has to go away. People never have to leave you again.

You will always be in my heart

That’s what you say to someone before they pass away. It’s what you always say to yourself once they’re gone. But now they will never be gone. If you know anyone this could help, please teach them about lucid dreaming. You might also be interested in some personal stories from people who have reached out to loved ones in their dreams.

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  1. says

    Yo Jamie,

    I have never heard of using lucid dreaming to connect with loved ones.

    I fall on the side where it just feels wrong. It is hard for me to pinpoint why. Maybe, it is because I just want to let it be. It just feels strange to use lucid dreaming to bring loved one who have passed away back alive. I understand that I will dream about them anyways but that is just part of the process.

    I guess, to me, it feels dangerous because it wouldn’t allow me to move on. Say for example if everyday of my waking hours I sat around and looked at pictures of my loved ones who had passsed away or constantly reminisced about them then I don’t think this would be a good thing either.

    Maybe this is an extreme example. And you are simply talking about using lucid dreaming to every once in a while reconnect with someone.

    My fear is that I would become dependent on the lucid dreams and it wouldn’t allow me to move on. But of course, maybe I am wrong.

    It is hard for me to articulate but something about it just doesn’t sit well with me.

    • says

      I completely understand what you’re saying, Izzy.

      It’s a purely personal choice.

      Like I said, I don’t seek it out. When it happens it happens. I just need to let people know it’s possible in case they feel it’s right for them.

      • Brenda says

        I had lost a son to suicide. I was very much depressed over this and was having a hard time dealing with this. I had a lucid dream about my son whom I was having an arguement with and was about to kick him out. Just as this was happening my younger son was leaving the house with his friends and the phone rang and when I pick up the phone my recently deceased son said hello. I knew immediately who it was and I knew he was deceased in my lucid dream and he too knew that he had past. My son was the most calmist I had EVER heard. I let him talk because I knew he called to make a connection with me and to let me know he was ok. I really don’t care what other people think of this, but this is my interpetation and I do believe there is more to life than the living and the dead. I also had my son visit me numerous times while I was awake. My other younger son too has had experienses and our animals in the house. Things do not move around by them selves and broken door bells ring when they shouldn’t. I don’t want to freak anyone out, but this is my perception of what I believe in concerning our deceased loved ones. I have heard of people telling us that so and so came to their bed side, but I really had not given it much thought, not saying it didn’t happen its just that I had not experience such things, Now I do believe! And last I was fortunate to have more experiences during my day and I feel very Blessed to have this happen to me and I thank my son CJ for the signs.

        • says


          Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry about your loss and I’m glad you now have a nice way to connect with your son. Nobody knows what lies behind the door and it’s perfectly fine to believe in whatever you want. Good luck with it in the future.

  2. Latrice says

    I have been doing Lucid dreaming since child hood. It is not something I practice its just something I understand. It will comfort you with love ones that has passed on, for example: I lost my grandmother in August 2011, and she has came to me in my dream prior before Lucid and I think she understood how to come to me with out giving me fear that she has passed on… In my sleep state I am well aware that she has passed on but in my lucid state its as if she is still here with me the Comfort, her scent, her words. Lucid is perfect because it allows you to focus more on what your love one is telling you more than to focus on the fact that they are passed on. you remember Lucid dreams better, they make more scence. What I have learned is that they are here rather you are awake or asleep the connection is just better with a relaxed sleep state mind. If you have anxiety or fear of dreaming of your love one most of the time you are blocking the connection…. Trust me they know if you are fearful of seeing them, so they wont come to you, unless your ready!!! :)

    • says

      Hey Latrice,

      Thank you for sharing that with us. I know it will be comforting to a lot of people. I hope they find the strength to accept anything that happens so their loved ones will pay them a visit.

  3. Brenda says

    Thank you for sharing your lucid dream and beliefs. My son knew I believed in the spirit world and I think that is why it was easy for him to make contact and there should never be a reason to be afraid.

  4. Darren says

    I have only had a few Lucid dreams throughout my life, for which I believe I had full interaction within them. Two of which are most prominent. A couple before a deep impact and loss in my life and a few not long after my fiance had passed. These have happened in my most confused states of mind and i’m not talking drug induced, just when I cannot make heads or tales of my reality…. In brief I’ll give you an idea of my last two… Four or Five days after my fiance had passed we talked on what I perceived to be The Great Wall Of China. I know what the wall symbolised, it was a barrier between the living realm and the spirit world. We were both sat on the wall talking, I sat on the side of the living she sat opposite me on the spirit side. most of the conversation was mumbled until she stood up looked at me and said “Darren I have to go now” and smiled then turned into a ball of light then vanished. At that point I woke up and cried for awhile as I new that was her saying goodbye.
    Second was recently which was recently. This was short and brief visitation, again it was as real as I look at an average person. She said to me “Who are You” I replied with a response even confuses me now on why I said it. I said “I like trees” for which she replied “From now on you will always be known to me as my Tree man”. Yes now you understand why I am confused. I believe dreams are there to work out problems in your life and there are dreams that completely blow your mind… I wanted to put this down to let people see the confusion of Lucid Dreaming. Thanks for reading….

    • says

      Hey Darren,

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m really sorry to hear about your fiance. It’s not clear if you’d like to become lucid more often from what you said, but I hope you can use your dreams to work out your real life problems. I completely agree with you that it’s possible and it’s something I will try to do forever. It’s almost like you can mold and shape yourself in your dreams.

      • Darren says

        Yes i’m very curious in learning more about Lucid Dreaming I believe a combination of me being a Sensitive Spiritualist anyway would help. I haven’t used since losing my fiancĂ©e…

  5. shaun says

    Just last night I had a dream about my father, who I had lost in the past you, I’m only 19 years of age and after I woke up after this dream I remember it quite clear, in my dream I was laid in bed and my bedroom door was open I looked through the opening of my door and saw my dad there, now in my dream I know my dad had past away and he knew he had past away after I saw him I was speaking to him as I normally would speak to him it made me very happy but as my dream progressed on I tried telling me mother and brother in my dream that I could see our fathers ghost they did not believe me, then for some reason as I looked at my dad I saw this black object that look similar to a spider escape his body which made me believe that my dad’s ghost in my dream was being possessed, after I found out this I tried to sleep in my dream hoping that I did not see something possessing my father’s spirit. And then I woke up remembering all of this dream and I came across this website and it made me happy knowing I am not the only one to have these dreams.

    • says

      Hey Shaun,

      Sorry about your loss, but I’m glad you now know your father isn’t possessed. At least you now know it’s possible to see your father again and you could even look for him if you become lucid through practice.

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beliefs on this very important subject. I have experienced maybe at least two lucid dreams that I can remember, it’s interesting because you remember them but do you actually experience them in real time? I think you know what I’m getting at, anyhow I was using an app to induce lucid dreaming and got the cue and next thing I know by dream scene stopped and I was in control, so I started to fly but fear set in and I think I woke up. While we don’t know what is on the other side of the door, I after agree with some of the other comments, it’s been known by spiritualists for centuries that dreams are used for the other side to communicate in fact I have read some explanations as simple as that is the best conduit for spirits to come to us, since that is when we are least questioning and accepting when our subconscious is most open, anyhow I think it’s both we have a conduit and we can also recreate what or who we want through or creative subconscious.

  7. Gina says

    Assuming these lucid dream characters are not real is just as silly as assuming they are. We honestly don’t know. But we cannot flat-out say they are not real or that it’s dangerous to think maybe, just maybe, they are real.

    • says

      I think you should believe what you want to believe if it’s something you feel strongly about, as long as it doesn’t impact your life in a negative way.

      Thanks for dropping by, Gina.

  8. Amy says

    I have been lucid dreaming since I was a kid. Using it as a tool to stop reoccurring nightmares. I am now 26 and for the first time a lucid dream has allowed me to communicate with someone I love.
    I lost my grandma last year and she was my best friend. I have had dreams about her since but never remembered them or they weren’t a true representation of who my grandma was.
    Last night was different and we spent time in her old apartment that I used to visit her at. I awoke within the dream and realized that this was my time to speak with her. I gave her a hug and it felt so real. I told her I missed her and she hugged me back and told me she missed me as well but that she is always here. The dream ended after that and I woke up very emotional and also comforted. Knowing she is always around confirms what I already believed.
    I agree with what you are saying that there is nothing wrong with lucid dreaming to connect with a loved one. It allowed me to reach out to her and she reached back. I didn’t try to make this dream happen it just did. In the future I might try to purposely lucid dream but I prefer when it just happens for me.
    Thank you for shedding some light on a very sensitive but rewarding topic.

  9. kathy says

    I had this dream my boys, both taken away from me by muscular dystrophy were sitting in the back seat of a car. I was there with them in the car and could feel and see them completely. I touched them and we talked. When I asked my youngest son how he was doing and told him of my love for him, he showed me and area in his armpit that was swollen and extended to his neck. Being a nurse and always taking care of their needs and them so sick, I panicked. I knew I needed to help him and I couldn’t. Just like that dread dx. Muscular dystrophy I couldn’t stop . I miss my boys so dearly and sometimes just want to end my life here because of the pain. why do these dreams of dying for me continue? I want them back so much.

    • says

      Hey Kathy,

      Sorry to hear about your loss. Perhaps you can use your lucidness to change the dreams when they occur? It might give you an incentive to get better at lucid dreaming. I think dreams just occur because of what is in our mind, so I can understand why you’re having those dreams. Please speak to someone if you still feel down and they’ll help you feel better.

      I hope everything picks up,

  10. says

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to say, well something. Once i read about a person who constructed her own reality in her dreaming state, her husband had left her, and it broke her heart, she wanted to continue that life with him. In short, her dreaming state became an addiction, clearly this is not healthy. That being said, in this present day, most of humanity are oblivious to the spiritual dimensions, we are all caught up in materialism and desires. Who really knows what is real? Believe what you must and do what feels right for you, no one can tell you anything “real”, because no one knows – Trust yourself!

  11. ArmeniaIsOurs says

    When I was small, I was dreaming about having a horse or being a horse rider, but I was just a city girl in my small country , Armenia… So when I told my parents , they took me to horse riding classes . I was super exited. I was only 5 or so. So my first horse to ride was Kaznachee. He was the best horse ever.,. I was and will always love him unconditionally … I was always riding him and we were just best friends. When I was walking to his barn he was sticking his head out for a hug… But one day when I was 7 , I went on a class as usual. My trainer , Arshack , asked mom and dad for a talk and told me to wait in the connor. He came back and told me they sold him . He tried to hug me but I yelled at him and told ” are you kidding me? ” I ran to the barn only to find out he was missing. I realize nobody was making a bad joke on me. I turned back to find my trainer behind me. I turned and yelled that I’ll never forgive him and that I had never tought he would give me up like this . I ran to mom and dad and hugged them. I didn’t have a class that day. But then I calmed , asked for sorry from Arshack , and went back on classes. I was picking random horses. I never found a horse like Kaznachee… Today I realized nobody ever sold him. I walked to mom and told her to tell me the truth ” when I was 7 , Arshack told me they sold Kaznachee , he lied right? He died ? ” she told that she’s sorry she lied to me… I yelled at all of them… I was thinking about lucid dreaming and meeting Kaznachee there , but not as a dead … Then I realized that he was actually dead all this time… I told to myself that trough everything , I’ll find him and I’ll ride him once again… So please anyone help me find my true best friend!

  12. ArmenianGirlGamer says

    Reading those comments, i realized my loss was nothing infront of those people’s losses…
    When I was a child , my only best friend was my horse , Kaznachee. He was an old horse , but he was realy sensetive and cute + adorable. We would go down the heels and go on adventures, tough my feet were barly on the holder… But one morning mom and dad told they sold him overnight. I couldn’t believe that and wentbto the barn only to find out he was missing… Years went by , and I was uselessly depressed all of those years , from age 7 to 13 . I never had a friend like he was. But I am learning to lucid dream for age 11 and I learnd a lot… Wild mild wbtb and so on… And while dreaming yesterday I found my other self telling if I realy believ my parents sold Kaznacee. I told I did but she told me no. I pissed out in anger and immediatly woke up. I went to mom not thinking that it’s 5 o’clock and asked for her to tell me the truth. She told she was sorry she lied… Now , I cried for a day and I’ve desided that I have to find him , anyways. I need to find my horse anywere , tough I tried all those 2 years I lucid… Do you think I should give up?

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