Why You’re Not Lucid Dreaming On A Regular Basis

I’ve got a good idea why you can’t become lucid, or at least not regularly.

You might not believe the same thing as me and that’s OK, but I’d love to know what you think of my hypothesis.

The reason it’s only a guess is because who can really know for sure why some people find lucid dreaming easier than others?

I’ve been trying to explain this for so long, but I just couldn’t get the words out. I know I find it hard to understand what someone is trying to say if they can’t communicate it correctly.

That’s why I’ve decided to draw pictures even though I’m the worst artist in the world.

Random bouts of awareness

Have you ever eaten a Mars Bar when you’ve been hungover after a rough night on the town?

I have, once, and it was the single greatest Mars Bar I’ve ever tasted in my life. I’ve tried many times to capture the taste in my mouth again, but due to not wanting to eat Mars Bars all the time I have failed.

The reason I’m telling you is because I don’t think I’ve told anyone before, but it also relates to today’s article about awareness.

Why does awareness matter?

Without awareness you can’t become lucid. It makes sense, right? To become lucid you need to become aware, but without awareness you won’t be lucid.

So why are you not trying to increase your awareness? You might think differently after you’ve seen my drawings.

Someone who finds lucid dreaming difficult

Some people think they can’t become lucid because there is something wrong with them, but there is nothing wrong with anyone. They just haven’t built up much awareness during their lifetime. They then come along and decide to give lucid dreaming a shot.

Average Joe Awareness

Can you see how high Average Joe needs to jump if he wants to become lucid? He really needs something huge to help him get up there. It’s why some people can’t become lucid for months and even when they can it’s once in a blue moon.

Someone who has a decent amount of lucid dreams

These people have a higher level of awareness. For some reason they have improved their awareness over the course of their lifetime and it’s sitting at a level higher than Joe.

Medium Awareness

When these people want to jump into lucidity they have a much shorter distance to travel. That’s why lucidity is a little bit easier for them. They can’t become lucid all the time, but they are lucid a lot more than Joe.

Someone who has regular lucid dreams

Now we get into the really interesting stuff. When these people were born they were the same as you, but they have trained to increase their awareness. It doesn’t really matter how they did it because the only thing that matters is how high their level of awareness is. They only need to stretch up to become lucid.

High Awareness

If they are determined to have a lucid dream they will have a much better chance of becoming lucid because their awareness is so high. They hardly need anything to make the jump and their awareness will automatically switch on a lot.

Then you have monks

Monks reach Nirvana when they are lucid 100% of the time. That means they are fully aware when they are awake, dreaming, and sleeping. They actually do lucid dream, but they call it dream yoga.

Experienced monks have such a high level of awareness that they can pass into dream and sleep without even losing consciousness. I don’t know if they are fully conscious 100% of their life, but I doubt they’d have trouble becoming lucid if they wanted to.

You have a problem

The easiest and best way to increase your awareness can be found in a state of consciousness which lies behind a locked door. The only way you can open that door is by switching off your stupid inner-voice that keeps popping up in your head.

That voice stops your mind from being at ease. It makes your mind work in overdrive. You need to change this and the quickest way is by meditating, but for anyone who is skeptical of meditation I’d like to try explaining it in a different way because most people have the wrong impression of it.

You need to focus your attention on something specific. When you focus your attention on something specific you can’t hear the inner-voice and it disappears. That’s essentially what meditation is and not sitting cross-legged repeating a mantra.

I’m going to make it easy for you, I hope, because I’m going to share some techniques I’ve used over the last 18 months while practicing it. I’m not going to speak about focusing on your breath/nostrils or focusing on the back of your head because they have been covered.

My easy meditation techniques

For all these techniques I’m going to assume you’re already lying down with your eyes closed. But don’t do it until you first read what the techniques are.

Playing with a football

Focusing on something perfectly still is hard, so this technique is the exact opposite. First you have to imagine a ball. It can be a football, soccer ball, tennis ball, or whatever PG rated ball you can think of.

I’ll use a soccer ball since I’m Scottish. When I was younger we used to play this game called ‘keepy upy.’ If I translated it into English it would mean ‘keeping the ball up.’ So we would keep kicking it up and count how many times we could do it before the ball touched the ground.

When you’re lying down with your eyes closed you would just imagine you were kicking the ball trying to keep it off the ground. You can look into the back of your eyelids and imagine seeing the ball coming up and down. You can even kick it high in the air and look into the sky (don’t move your head) to watch it coming down then kick it up again.

The basic idea is to totally immerse yourself in something to stop you from listening to the inner-voice. I used this technique the first time I really fell into a deep trance where my body melted away. I think it took me about 45 minutes of kicking the ball up and waiting the trance out, so it does take time.

Playing with a cube

This time there is a cube in your hand, but you can see it when looking at the back of your eyelids. Feel each side of the cube with your imaginary hands and really try to imagine you can feel it in your real hands.

What does the surface feel like? I bet it’s super smooth. “Oh wait, what’s that?” You’ve just felt the other side and this time it’s covered in carpet. Really feel the texture in your hands and also in your mind. Turn it around again and this time it’s bumpy. Run your hands over the bumps and really try to feel your fingers going up and down.

Now give it a knock. Can you hear what it sounds like? Start playing the drums with it and make up a beat. Now turn it around and hit it again. Can you hear a different sound? Throw it up in the air like the football and carefully watch it until it lands in your hands.

You’re basically just playing around using your imagination and your senses until you are concentrating 100% on the cube and the inner-voice eventually disappears.

Playing with the alphabet

Now imagine there is a letter ‘A’ in front of you. Try to actually see it (it’s a lot easier if you use your third eye). Now swap it for a B, then a C, D, E, etc. Go all the way up to Z then make your way back down again.

Start again and this time use AB. Then swap it over for BC, CD, DE, EF, etc. Go all the way up to YZ before making your way back down ( ZY, YX, XW, WV…).

This one is really good because it’s hard and it takes effort to think, at least it does for me. It doesn’t leave much room for unwanted thoughts.

Investigating a candle flame

This is another one you can imagine looking at with either your eyes, or your third eye. There’s a candle flame in front of you and it’s burning brightly. At first you’re only watching it from a distance. Move in closer and you will notice the flame flickering.

Try moving your finger close to it so you can feel the heat, but not too close because you don’t want to burn yourself. Take your finger and move it back and forward through the flame and watch really closely as it follows your finger then reverts back to normal.

Make up your own

These are merely techniques I’ve used in the past and think are effective, but at the end of the day there’s nothing stopping you from experimenting on your own. There is a very good reason why this is important and it’s not because the techniques won’t work for you.

The only reason I know this works is because I lay down and didn’t stop trying until I seen results. You are more than capable of finding your own path. I was able to find my own path because I did it on my own without anyone telling me what to do. I didn’t have a choice.

The difference between me and you is that you’re reading this article, so you’ve read what to do and how to do it. To make it easier on yourself you might just follow my advice to the letter. You can’t do that because you won’t grow.

It will stop you from experimenting and finding an even better way than I’ve found. I’m depending on you to find a better way of doing it and telling me about it. Maybe you can write an article for Lucid Ability and share it with us all. The point is: it’s all about exploring your own consciousness, but using my techniques to get you started.

If you follow my script to the letter we’ll all be at the same level and nobody will grow. You have the power to find an amazing way to become super aware, but you need to experiment. Don’t care about how long it takes you because I was trying for months.

You have total freedom to try doing things that are more effective for your body and mind.

Taking it further than ever before

You’re in the trance state and your inner-voice is switched off. So what? What do you do now? I’ve found a way to mimic a lucid dream in real life that means you won’t need to try and become lucid. It will just happen spontaneously.

Mimicking a lucid dream in real life

I’ve been trying to think of ways to best explain why my lucid trance technique is so effective and I tried something on Reddit that seemed to work, so I’m going to explain it here.

Inside a lucid dream you are fully aware + you manipulate things with your mind.

Inside a lucid trance you are fully aware + you manipulate things with your mind.

You can read about the lucid trance in more detail here, but you’re essentially using a meditative technique to get yourself into a trance state (when the inner-voice is gone) then you manipulate your senses using your mind. Things like:

  • Imagining you’re moving up and down on the waves
  • Imagining you’re swinging back and forth on a hammock
  • Imagining you’re spinning around in circles

I say imagining you are doing those things because that’s how you initially trick your senses, but you actually do physically feel like you’re doing all three of those things while in a trance, once you get it right which takes a little time.

After the lucid trance

You should be doing the lucid trance before bed because I’ve found that makes you have more spontaneous lucid dreams without trying. After you’ve finished you can do what you want, but your most important job for the night is done.

You can go to bed and give yourself lucid affirmations, and you can also visualize the dream before falling asleep. I suppose there is no harm in doing as much as you can, but I’ve personally found it’s not essential. That doesn’t mean it won’t help speed up your results.

This will kill your chances

You won’t have much success without being really motivated to become lucid. You won’t have much success if you tell yourself you can’t do it. Never stop thinking about lucidity and let it engulf your mind.

When you’re trying to get into the trance state you can’t think about anything apart from the technique you’re performing, but once you’re in the trance state you can think without coming out of it. This means you are free to explore your mind and think about lucid dreaming as much as possible.

But this will kill them even more

It took me a long time to feel like I was in a trance because my mind hated me. I eventually succeeded because I stuck it out. You will succeed to, I guarantee it. We can all reach higher states of consciousness. It just takes time.

Don’t think about reaching the trance state. Know you will succeed, but don’t have any expectations. Don’t care about results. If you analyze everything while trying to reach the trance state it will end in disappointment. No expectations!

The only thing you need to think about is getting a little better each day. You do really need to wait it out. You might start feeling strange sensations after 20 minutes, or if you’re like me it might be 45 minutes. You need to stick with it and keep lying their focusing on something until it works, and it eventually will even if it takes you weeks.

If you want to test whether you’re in the trance state or not, check out the article about meditating lying down and you can use one of the techniques to try and manipulate your senses.

Now go forth and attempt to meditate as much as possible. Do it when you have any time to spare. When you do get into the trance state you can start practicing the lucid trance.

Photo By Stuck in Customs

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  1. says

    I haven’t lucid dreamed in a while, but I did spend some time working on it a number of years ago. The exercises you mention are good ones to help focus your awareness. Another exercise that I did was to practice being aware as you move through your day. I would make an effort to pay attention to all the tiny details of my day. I would notice the flower and butterflies, the feeling of the sun, the various smells and sounds of the world.

    I also found it helped to keep my mind focused on lucid dreaming. I would do this by reading a lot about the topic. Reading kept it in my mind and made it easier to focus on while I slept.

  2. says

    Hey Eric,

    I’m glad you stopped by to leave a comment and it was a great suggestion. I’m trying to work out how I’ll split-up meditation and daily awareness so I can talk about them as different skills. Just so it makes it easier for people to break down, but I will definitely mention this later.

    As for the smells and feelings, I’m glad you mentioned those. They sound like what the monks do to eat their food slowly to savor it. There is a few things I do with touch(feel) that will be in a future post).

    Thank you

  3. says

    Wow Jamie, you came up with a huge list for meditating techniques. A lot of people think the only way to meditate is to sit still and breath. As you already know we can be doing something physical and remain in a meditative state.

    I have used the candle technique where you just focus on the flame for a while. It really does work.

    • says

      Hey Justin,

      I think you’re right and a lot of people understand it. They seem to confuse the outcome with the technique. Meditation can mean many things, but I’ve found it’s about going as deep into the trance as possible.

      That’s cool you’ve heard of the candle technique. I think I first heard of that when I was learning self-hypnosis.

  4. Melissa says

    You call them easy meditation techniques but they’re not easy. Do you have any that don’t involve any visualization?

    • says

      Sure, there are ones that focus on feelings, sound, etc.

      Visualization techniques are probably the thing I speak about least on the blog.

      If you look in archives there should be articles like, “how to fall asleep quickly” “send your body to sleep instead of waiting” “lucid trance” and probably a few more, but it’s been a long time since I’ve wrote them and can’t remember where they all are.

      I hope that helps.

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