No Fairytale Shit Presents… ‘Making Your Dreams Come True’

I bet you had some really cool dreams as a child.

Do you remember what they were?

When you’re young you have the most amazing imagination in the world. Sometimes it dies as you get older. Once you enter the real world.

You start working. You start getting stressed. Your dreams lose their magic.

But it wasn’t like that growing up. You could dream about anything because you didn’t know what was impossible. Nothing was impossible.

You can go back in time

Once you begin lucid dreaming you can go back to the days when anything was possible. All it takes is a plan. If you know what you want to do — you can do anything.

I want you to think hard about any special dreams you had. Once you become lucid you will make them a reality.

Imaging having that much power: to be able to live out your childhood dreams. You’ve probably heard that expression a lot. It’s maybe something you’ve read in a personal development book. It takes away the effect.

Stick in at school and all your childhood dreams will come true.

Really? Come true, huh? Well it will never beat lucid dreaming. It will never beat going back in time and exploring Egypt as they built the pyramids. It can’t beat visiting an alien civilization after flying through space at the speed of light. And no way can it be better than seeing real life dinosaurs. No way!

This is why nothing can compare to lucid dreaming. I’m not saying it’s the be all and end all, but it’s the ying to reality’s yang. You need both, but it’s definitely easier to realize your childhood dreams when lucid. You don’t need to work for anything other than to become lucid.

Before I went to sleep

I used to love going to bed when I was young. I used to lie in the dark and look at the hypnagogia, even though I had no idea what it was. I just knew it was fun to look at all the cool shapes behind my eyelids.

I used to make up crazy stories and live them out before I went to sleep. It used to be my favorite part of the day. The next again night I would continue where I left off. It never got old.

Who knows if I actually dreamt about those stories when I went to sleep. Maybe I did; maybe not.

There was this one special story in particular…

My little blue car

I remember I used to imagine I had a little blue car. It wasn’t any ordinary car. It looked like a blue dodgem car. Something like you’d see at the fairground.

It could do anything I wanted: shrink to a minuscule size; fly around the sky; travel anywhere at lightning speed; change into any shape.

Maybe I watched too much cartoons. I have no idea where I got the idea from, but I just remember I used to absolutely love thinking about it before I went to sleep.

And then it became reality

I was lucid and standing outside my house. I was trying to think of something to do. Something that would be great, and suddenly I thought of this little blue dodgem car.

I already absolutely loved lucid dreaming by then. Nothing could compare to waking up inside the dream world… or could it?

I went into the middle of the road and decided to see if I could make it appear. I thought there was no chance. Surely not. I imagined it behind me and I turned around. Nothing was there.

I ended up trying to summon it 3 times.

I was lost for words

Finally, I turned around and it was there, lying in the middle of the road. I was absolutely gob smacked. I can’t put into words the way I felt. That it was actually possible.

A childhood dream. An absolute fantasy that I’d have given anything for. And now it was possible in a lucid dream.

I jumped right in

The car wasn’t the same before. It used to be small and compact. It was very comfortable. As I approached the car I noticed the seat had been replaced by a bench. Something you might see in a rowing boat. The steering wheel wasn’t even a wheel. It was more rectangular and felt cheap.

I put my foot on the pedal and I began to move. Suddenly the road turned into water and I began going down what can only be described as white water rapids. Right outside my house.

As I began floating down the road I knew there was a big steep hill a few minutes away. With every bit of power in my mind I imagined it was a huge steep drop. I wanted it to be absolutely terrifying. It was a dream and I couldn’t die, so I wanted it to be huge.

I was coming towards it and I missed the turn. I looked around and I could see the whites of the rapids as the water was crashing everywhere. I tried to turn into it and suddenly woke up in my bed.

Becoming a ninja

My friend Izzy from 30 Year Old Ninja has a dream. All his childhood he wanted to become a ninja. He has a vision of what that is and he quit his job to travel all the way to Japan to pursue his childhood dream.

He based this perfect vision of a ninja on Rye, a character in the computer game, Street Fighter. His perfect ninja could throw blue fireballs, jump extremely high into the air and perform triple kicks, and break anything with his bare hands.

Izzy will be able to do some of those things in real life. He’s going to send the building industry into a panic because every brick that’s not part of a house, he’s going to smash into dust.

Taking it to a new level

But obviously some things are too much to ask. This is where lucid dreaming comes into play. In the real world he’s living the life of a ninja the best he can.

In lucid dreams he’ll be able to shoot those blue fireballs out of his hands. He’ll be able to jump over buildings and do a hundred kicks. If bricks don’t take his fancy he could punch holes in anything he wants. He could even fight Blanka if he wanted to.

It’s your turn

So think back to when you were a child and decide what your dream was.

I want you to use this as the motivation to put your heart and soul into lucid dreaming. When you can’t be bothered practicing the lucid trance before bed, I want you to imagine yourself living out your childhood dream in real time. Think about it when you can’t be bothered taking 2 minutes to fill in your dream journal.

What are you waiting for?

It’s your turn to live your dream.

If you know what your childhood dream is, please leave it in the comments below…

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  1. says

    This is such a fun post Jamie. Now, that I have officially started my training in Japan, it resonates even more with me. Actually, what I want to do is spar in my dreams. I want to be able to practice fighting in my dreams. I feel like this can be crazy powerful because I will be able to test so many things.

    I think I will start to naturally have more and more dreams with martial art as I train more and more. It is interesting because I would dare to call this an evolution of my childhood dream. When I was a child I would have loved to throw blue fireballs, now I want to know how to do crazy locks and holds. I think the dream world can be 1) a great place to test this and 2) a fantastic way to train while sleeping.

    Also, thanks for the shout out man.

    • says

      Hey Izzy,

      I don’t know any personally, but I do know people practice martial arts in dreams. Thinks like kicks can be trained repetitively and change motor patters (or some mumbo jumbo) in the brain so you get better. Much like practicing the violin in dreams.

      I’ve always wondered if you could take it one step further, just like you mentioned. Could you watch professionals fight, then spar with them knowing your subconscious mind has soaked up all the moves while you’ve been watching? If you could it would be very interesting trying to fight your subconscious mind knowing it will always be better than your body. It could make you much better, faster.

      Something cool about the blue fireballs. I was lucid in a supermarket once and I shot beams from my eyes onto a pile of boxes at the other end of the store. Nothing happened. So I done it again but this time turned the beam red and it made a little hole in the box. Nothing special, but pretty cool. I’ve also played about with wind like the bad guys in one of the superman films. That was much more note worthy when everything started flying backwards.

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